ESG Fact Sheet from the 1st Half of 2021

The Alexforbes Investments South Africa Private Markets (AFISAPM) portfolio is an actively managed investment portfolio underlying the investment linked long-term insurance policies issued by Alexforbes Investments Limited. ESG impact is closely considered and monitored to fulfil the environmental and social responsibility objectives of the portfolio.


This ESG Fact Sheet aims to demonstrate the impact that our business creates through the AFISAPM portfolio relating to key targeted focus areas that are underpinned by both local and global development goals. The impact created can be categorised into the three key indicators of responsible investment environmental, social and governance factors.


The AFISAPM portfolio participates in the advancement of specific NDP and SDG indicators. These indicators represent those areas of impact which we believe can create meaningful outcomes for the communities and the people that the programme is able to contribute to. These focus areas present a clear direction on where to steer our efforts to create maximum, intentional impact in social and environmental development initiatives.


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